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How It Works

WebFileMan works by defining and controlling access permissions on subfolders within your protected file folder.

It is ideally suited to control online access to folders with software updates, manuals, e-books, reports, datasheets, or any other downloadable digital products.

If you need accept new files from certain clients, you can allow upload access to a group of users to certain subfolders.

The access permissions can vary from "nothing at all" when a user could not even see the subfolder contents, to "everything possible" to allow uploading files, creating new subfolders, updating and deleting existing files and subfolders. Any access level in between is also possible including allowing downloads of existing files only.

WebFileMan is very flexible. For example, one group of users can upload to a subfolder while another group will have no access to this subfolder at all.

WebFileMan is internationally-ready. All the language specific details are defined in one language file. It is a matter of 15 minutes to translate the program interface into your native language. If you have clients of different nations, you can create several language options. Your clients will be able to switch to the language they prefer.