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WebFileMan Features

We strive to make WebFileMan suit your needs as close as possible. That's why new features and options are constantly being added to WebFileMan to provide dependable solution for multi-user online file management at reasonable price.

Current version: 2.2.6

Users, Groups, Access Permissions

  • Users can be organized in groups
  • You can approve new user accounts
  • List of users can be filtered by username, email, full name or status
  • You can create any custom access role - with any combination of list, get, update, delete, create file, create folder permissions.
  • You can set any access role for any user or group on any subfolder
  • You can create additional user information fields required for your business - for example Contact Phone or Certification Level.

Files and Folders

  • Create, rename, delete subfolders
  • Upload, download, rename, delete files
  • Manage the secured folder through FTP or local file explorer

Logs & Statistics

  • Get list of recent logins (global and per user)
  • Get list of recently uploaded files (global and per user)
  • Get list of recently downloaded files (global and per user)

System Settings

  • Configurable email notifications
  • Multi-language friendly - just translate a language file