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WebFileMan Demo

The protected file folder in this demo has the following tree structure:

	/Free Downloads
	/Paid Downloads

WebFileMan is very flexible and we have created the following user accounts in this demo:

Admin (login: admin, password: admin)
The site owner who has full access to everything.

John Doe (login: john, password: john)
A very restricted user, can only browse and view the file list, but can download from /MyProduct/Free Downloads.

Bobby Brown (login: bobby, password: bobby)
A client bought MyProduct, Bobby can download from /MyProduct folder - and from subfolders including /MyProduct/Free Downloads and /MyProduct/Paid Downloads.

Alfredo Mancini (login: alfredo, password: alfredo)
A contributor to MyProduct, Alfredo has full access to /MyProduct folder.

Please note that this demo installation is reset every hour.