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Protected File Area Software

Web based multi-user file management software with fully featured user and group access permission functions

WebFileMan is a PHP file manager that allows you to set up a web based file exchange with your staff and customers. WebFileMan works by defining and controlling access permissions on subfolders within your protected file folder. WebFileMan is free for non-profit use.

Let your clients and employees securely access, upload and organize files on your web site. Maintain a protected file area to share files with clients, suppliers, and business partners. Provide customized access to documents for different groups of users.

Full user and group access rights management

WebFileMan features full file access management functions for users and groups. Users either have individual permissions or inherit them from groups they belong to that makes the system way easier to manage for large number of customers or partners with similar rights.

Works with real filesystem

The system owner can upload files to the protected folder through FTP or local file explorer thus bypassing the upload limit usual for web-based applications. This allows you to deal with files of very large size (up to gigabytes).

Seamless integration with your website

The application user interface is easily customizable to adjust for your website - you can create your own header and footer. Advanced users can provide CSS settings for any entity in WebFileMan HTML output.


WebFileMan is installed at your website that must support:

  • Operating System: any
  • Web Server: Apache, IIS, or similar
  • PHP 4.3 or above
  • MySQL 3.23 or above

You and your customers can use WebFileMan with any modern web browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or others.

Have a Look

Please visit our demo to see WebFileMan in action.

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